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I usually don't comment on things I favorite. If you don't like that, sorry about your luck.

You can call me Sparrow, Alex, or just Ahlsi. I don't really care about that either.
I'm not good with people or words, so I might take awhile to reply to a comment or something of the sort.

I draw traditionally 90% of the time. When I do digital work, I use GIMP or MS Paint.

Most of my art is crappy cause I'm lazy.

Art trades are always welcome~! :heart:
(But sorry, I only do requests for friends.)

I LOVE constructive critique, and any tips you have for improving my art will be accepted with open arms. Just keep the insults out of it, please~
Gosh, most of the art on this account seems so old now. I mean, it's not like I've really done any new art past meaningless scribbles (for the most part), but... I dunno. It seems like all of the stuff in my gallery was done so long ago.

Mmm. I don't even know why I bother to write random journals anymore...

Um. Anyways. We're moving to a new apartment. I get to share a room with my mom cause 3-rooms are really expensive rent-wise. I really don't know how I feel about the new place yet. Except I really don't like our landlord already. Is it too much to ask that all the doors have handles and there are no holes in the damn walls? Apparently. So ya, we still have some work we need to do there before we can move in, and it kind of pisses me off but I know I have to get past this so whatever.

I've mostly spent the past 72 hours in a Homestuck-reading daydream. I devoured all 7000 or so pages in... I think three-ish days. I'm still not a hundred percent sure what today is cause everything's blended together so much, but I think it's been about three days. I freakin love this stuff. Seriously, why didn't I get around to reading this sooner?

Oh, did I ever mention that I'm going to TrotCon in July? It's gonna be awesome. I'm gonna get to hang out with my friends all day doing... pony stuff I guess. Or something.

Gawd my brain is fried from doing nothing but staring at a computer screen for the past however many days. I think I'm gonna go continue packing all my crap now...

OH. I almost forgot. A few days ago I discovered that I had like twenty five million art notebooks stored in my room somewhere. I laughed at what I thought were wolves scribbled across dozens of pages. I'll probably upload some artwork-improvement meme stuff whenever I get the time. (:

^^ I'll probably also be doing sketch requests there soon so... yah you can send me sketchy request stuff there.

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